Ollie George

Designer, creative producer and artistic researcher based in Berlin.

The Whole Life

Website design for a publishing platform by the Haus der Kulturen der Welt in Berlin.

The platform’s experimental design concept centres a networked mapping of contributions, where each is assigned keywords and a respective scale of relation (promixity).

Users can build up, edit and share a custom reading list by selecting individual contributions or wider clusters, expanding their selection into a split-screen or full reader view. The map-reader duality was engaged as an opportunity to propose a more situated and contextual reading experience online.


Code by André Fincato


web text video

Website design, project re-production, and copywriting strategy for a creative studio’s inaugural portfolio website.

A motion-driven, mobile-friendly concept for presenting bus.group’s projects was developed through 4:5 and 16:10 formats. Projects playback within a rolling ‘story’, foregrounded against the clean and minimised UI. An index view of projects employs a tag-based search functionality for filtering through the studio’s diversity of output.

Accompanying the design work, I led the reproduction of project material in direction and editing. Furthermore, I developed the studio’s copywriting in strategy and form, establishing a playful but sincere tone for their opening statement as a studio, driven by a headline-format for each project’s narration.


with bus.group

Woolmark Challenge

Directorial assistance, video editing and 2D motion design for an incubation platform by Woolmark.

Designed to award emerging talent for forward-thinking solutions in performance textile design, Woolmark invited On and Salewa to initiate projects for the challenge’s participants in their respective ‘Running’ and ‘Ski/Mountain’ categories.

We developed a campaign that defines a connective visual thread across the finalists’ diversity of concepts and material. Inspired by Franco Grignani’s iconic Woolmark logo design, a winding 3D protagonist that takes center stage across all projects, weaving the finalist’s polyphonic results into one multi-layered narration.

with bus.group

Ŋgam dù 

web text research

Nggamdu.org is a portal by the spider diviners of Somié, Cameroon, who offer their practice of ŋgam dù divination, a method of arachnomancy practiced with ground-dwelling spiders to reveal truths about its consultee’s past, present and future.

Working with the lead diviner Bollo Pierre ‘Tadios’, artist Tomás Saraceno, and the project’s local collaborators, I designed the web portal to present, offer and archive this historic practice. The need to ensure creative agency and authorship for Bollo and other diviners gave rise to a co-creational, evolving design process since its launch in 2021.

The web project has been the subject of several exhibitions, including Web(s) of Life at Serpentine Galleries (UK) and Particular Matter(s) at The Shed (US), and featured in international press coverage.


with Studio Tomás Saraceno

Cosmic Transition / Nautiluss / C2FX

Graphic design for a three-EP digital release by the Belgian producer and DJ Locked Groove.

Listen: Cosmic Transition / Nautiluss / C2FX
Read: C2FX – Review (Resident Advisor)

Schwarz Foundation

Website concept and design for a major re-brand of a cultural foundation’s digital presence.

Schwarz Foundation is a private non-profit organisation based in Athens and Munich that fosters the exchange of ideas and practices between cultures and countries.  Working with their desire to cluster projects and programmes under thematic inititatives, we developed a tile-based system for displaying the foundation’s work, where each initiative is voiced by an accompanying visual mark.

The display system is complemented by a dynamic widget menu that transforms to the user’s selection and search in realtime. Real estate is thus freed up on the user’s screen to view and engage with more content.


with bus.group

Berlin Art Week

Art direction and graphic design for the trailer of Berlin Art Week's jubilee edition.

Held over a week in September, the program sees the city's biggest art scene players show out and show up for a spectacle of talks, shows, screenings, fairs and performances. bus.group highlighted the forms of several works within the playful announcement trailer.

with bus.group

This is Badland No.4

print video

Graphic design, artworking and video editing for the fourth issue of This is Badland.

Inside its biggest offering yet, places of origin and spaces of dwelling are brought to the fore, asking its contributors: are we home? Across a four-cover offering, rapper Yung Hurn is photographed by Juergen Teller, Rita Lino reveals her Tool for Protection, Viktor Naumovski captures the Kids at Home and bus.group dream up a world of fungi.

with bus.group

Eliza Ludd & the Fog 

After the Cloud, came the Fog. In the advent of a new computational metaphor, Eliza Ludd—the only non-male pseudonym deployed within the 19th century Luddite revolts—is re-actioned within a contemporary mythology.

A trailer was made to introduce a contextualising lecture-performance, held on the anniversary of Eliza Ludd’s 1813 letter marked ‘A’. The film is scored by the sound piece Incantation by Fog, a machinic revision of Russian Futurist poet Velimir Khlebnikov’s Incantation by Laughter (1912). Neologisms of the word fog caricature Big Data’s relentless jargoning in revival of Eliza’s voice.

The research project was developed into workshop formats, delivered in the context Het Nieuwe Instituut’s NEUHAUS curriculum and the Summer Academy of Hackers & Designers. Participants were invited character build and, in turn, collectively narrate the so-called ‘New Dark Age’ via the excavation of a lost fiction.

Read: Eliza Ludd & the Fog, handout (PDF)
Read: A brief and incomplete history of Eliza Ludd, 1812–