Department of Extension
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The Department of Extension is an ‘unreal school’ and discursive framework, focused on unsettling design education through symposia and workshops.

During its inaugural open day at Kingston School of Art, the Department invited Nina Paim, Chris Lee, Ramon Tejada and Kishan San (School of Speculation) to lead discussion around critical models of design education and historiography.

Kingston School of Art’s corporate re-branding was subverted for the Department’s own in a cascading, kitsch colourscape, applied across event materials.

The accompanying open day ‘guide’ contains the text The Extension Effect, a revision of Jean Baudrillard’s polemic The Beaubourg-Effect: Implosion and Deterrence (1982)
, re-orientated from the Centres Pompidou onto Kingston School of Art’s New Extension development and the condition/ing of its student-workers.

Read: Department of Extension (PDF)