Ollie George


Campaign, Amnesty International

A lemon holds unsung significance. For refugees on their journey to asylum, the fruit is used to aid seasickness during stretches of deadly sea.

As part of a live brief with Amnesty International, we offered a lemon as a symbol for safe passage, something that may complement a dinner, or save a life. 200 lemons were handed out to the public in return for signatures.

The government has agreed to offer asylum to 20,000 refugees over five years - the amount Lebanon welcomed in one weekend. Petitions were signed lobbying the government to take more in and create safer routes. Each lemon was branded with our hashtag, encouraging the public to later share what they used it for and spread the word on social media.

Creative Conscience Awards winner, Gold

with Charlotte Allen, Lydia Barba, Scarlett Chetwin & Aoife O’Doherty

Ollie George