Ollie George

Art director, designer, writer and researcher based in Berlin.

Letter A (trailer)

After the Cloud, came the Fog. In the advent of a new computational metaphor, a mythical figure from within the historic Luddite revolts is excavated and re-actioned. Two centuries after their reckoning letter marked ‘A’ (1813), Eliza Ludd is hailed the Metaphor Breaker of our New Dark Age.

The ‘trailer’ was made to introduce a lecture-performance, held on the anniversary of Eliza Ludd’s letter. The film is scored by the sound piece Incantation by Fog, a machinic revision of Russian Futurist poet Velimir Khlebnikov’s Incantation by Laughter (1912). Neologisms of the word fog caricature Big Data’s relentless jargoning in revival of Eliza’s voice.