States of Change

Exhibition design, copywriting

Exhibition design for a second year BA Graphic Design show. ‘States of Change’ documented recent encounters with London and Berlin through an assembly of printed matter, photography and moving image.

Promotional material reflected the textural layering of Berlin fly-postering through a motif of typographic forms and colour extracted from material during a visit. An edition of beer mats was created for use as invites through a process that echoed the print-minded rationale still prevalent across Berlin.



During the exhibition, a workshop was co-ordinated as a live exercise in the show’s branding. Participants could select from visual tests and identity materials to construct an ephermeral commentary of the event.

The canvas was cut, collated and bound into an A2 book. Textural qualities of rips and layering became a tactile account of the audience’s presence that evening.

with Sheona Turnbull