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Workshop with ACED

A one day lecture and workshop at the Kingston School of Art, in collaboration with Amsterdam based research platform ACED (previously The Common Affairs). The event focused itself around post-truth politics and the blurring of fact and fiction within design and journalistic practices.

Spatial design referenced news sandwich boards through the fastening of programmes and intersecting grids that framed critical quotes.

Speakers included Hugh Frost and Leon Sadler of Mould Map, who described the process of translating their publication into an exhibition. Designer Daniel Nørregaard spoke on employing narrative within recent project Incredible Edition, and TCA’s Belle Phromchanya and Noortje van Eekelen timelined the platform’s development.

The workshop then employed rapid digital image production, responding to current affairs in a collective online collage. News of the day created a visual toolkit and online interface hotglue.me becames its sandbox.

A lo-fi forecasting stream was used as a tool for immediate content delivery, housed live on the website’s interface. The workshop’s humorous tone created a space in which more serious themes of truth within political narratives could be addressed by its participants.

with Karolina Cialkaite, Joe Moreno, Emma Teasdale & Sheona Turnbull

Ollie George